Website Update

Table of contents

Never change a running system?

Today I worked on the website itself. Quite a few things like the titles and the behaviour of the table of content wasn’t that good.
While being no website programmer at all, I’m very lucky to have Hugo1 and the npq-hugo theme2.

I also got rid of the posts, small texts I considered useful in the beginning, but I don’t know what to write into a post. Why not use a normal article?!
Just keep it simple…

The first weeks

On this day, three weeks ago, I published the website with its first article and I must admit, writing down my thoughts about and experiences with my Raspberry Pis is very enjoyable. A little bit time consuming, but very enjoyable.

Well, after three weeks, I don’t think somebody stumbled upon this blog about this niche of handling the RPis, but maybe in the future I can look back at the beginning of this blog and be glad that I started this project. Not starting it, would have been a mistake. That’s for sure.

If somebody is reading this, I hope you like this little website, as I do.

Have a nice weekend!