Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4S, Part 2

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Hannover Messe

Today I went to Hannover and its annual trade fair, the Hannover Messe1, one of the largest trade fairs worldwide.
The last time I visited the HMI was 12 years ago, where I worked there. My company was a exhibitor and I had to run the technics of our booth. 10 days, 14 hours per day. It was a great time.

Today I visited the fair for my division.
But this blog is about my hobby, not my work.

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4S

At the KUNBUS2 booth the new Revolution Pi S/SE-series3 4 was shown.
So I had the chance to take a look at the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4S, the not officially announced SO-DIMM pin-compatible module with the BCM2711C0 SoC, which was revealed last month.

At the booth I talked with Nicolai Buchwitz5, Product Manager at KUNBUS, about the new S/SE-series and what happend the last months about the new Compute Module 4S.
As for today, the CM4S is an exclusive product for some industrial customers of Raspberry Pi. Maybe, if we are lucky, the module will be sold at retail, but this is a question the Raspberry Pi Foundation has to answer.

Due to chip-shortages of the BCM2837B0 (40 nm), which is used for the CM3+, the CM4S was developed, because the BCM2711C0 (28 nm) has higher production capacities.
But even tough the BCM2711C0 has a higher production capacity, all of us couldn’t agree more: There is much room for improvement.
Like others, KUNBUS has a backlog of boards, they have to deliver to there customers. They’re working on it, but the global chip-shortages are ubiquitous.

Before I show you the new Compute Module 4S in all its glory, I want to thank Nicolai for the pleasant talk about the CM4S.
It was a pleasure to get some facts and history. If you ever look at a CM4S and don’t know what to do with it, I can help you :)


If you see this, the image is broken :( If you see this, the image is broken :(

Unfortunatelly the heatsink is pretty scratched, this was a defective module.
Looking at the markings, you can see RPI-CM4S_R2. From what Nicolai told me the R2 could be the 2nd revision. The 1st revision was probably used only at Raspberry Pi.
The build date on the backsite of the module shows 4721, which means the PCB was printed in late November of 2021, before the first glimpses of the CM4S showed up at the GitHub-repository in December 2021.

If you see this, the image is broken :(

If you see this, the image is broken :( If you see this, the image is broken :(

If you see this, the image is broken :( If you see this, the image is broken :(