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Happy 2023 & 2022 recap

I hope everyone of you made it safely into 2023. 2022 was a wild ride for almost everybody.

My last article was about 6 months ago, since then more or less nothing happened in the world of Raspberry Pi (for me).
So my hobby remained dormant and I spend my time doing other things.

Since a few weeks you can actually buy some models, which is a success, I guess. The RPi Zero 2 remains unbuyable, but you can buy some CM4. Hey…
There will be no Raspberry Pi 5 this year, maybe in Q3 2024, as Eben Upton told in an interview in December.1 So the RPi4 will have a life span of almost 4 years.

The industrial models CM4S and CM2 are not buyable, either. Maybe in 2023 I will get my hands on the CM4S. We will see.
For the third compute module, the CM3E, only a few photos are available. I wanted to write an article about the information we have, but there was so little, so there is only a draft.
Maybe I will publish it, if I get some more information.

State of this blog

What are my plans for 2023?

Since there will be no RPi5 this year, my main focus will be on the Zero 2 and the CM4S, if I can get my hands on these models.
The Zero 2 has some potential, but I need a few more boards to bin them, in order to get 1,600 MHz, which should be the goal, I guess.

For the CM4S, I need to find a source to get only the board itself. Since it’s built inside industrial computers, you could actually buy one, but 300+ € is a lot of money.
Wish me luck.

If I may make a wish, the soft-lock of the 2.5 GHz should be lifted.
Then I know how to spend the time until the RPi5 arrives.

HWBOT Prime Benchmark - Version 3.5

I made a small update for the HWBOT Prime Benchmark2 script.

The new 1.1 revisions for the CM4 are added, some revision codes for the RPi3 are fixed and the RPi4-based models got a PMIC-temperature read out.
Nothing special, but now I have a reason for writing a small article, beside wishing you a happy 2023.

The download is available at my GitHub repository3 or via the update-function inside the script.

Update: 10.01.2023 - Version 3.6

Today I added a little feature, to monitor if the RPi has or had any problems regarding frequency, under-voltage or soft-temperature limit.
I used the command vcgencmd get_throttled to decode the different states.

If you see this, the image is broken :(

Feel free to test the new version.