x264 Benchmark

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Whom to blame?

Back in 2010 an old member of the VoodooAlert forum1, GrandAdmiralThrawn or short GAT, built a benchmark in order to test numerous CPUs and systems and asked for participation.
Now, more than 10 years later, you can find 1,200+ submissions2 from high-end systems to exotic ones, just build to get this benchmark work.
If you want to join, feel free to register at the forum. You can find the official thread about this benchmark at VoodooAlert.3

Since 2003 the VoodooAlert forum is my virtual living room, I benchmarked a few systems, of course. In 2018 I reactivated my old Chip-Con Prometeia Mach I and joined the benchmark with my Raspberry Pi 3s.4
Some say this was the point things got out of control and stayed there.5

GAT and I built a script to compile the programs needed for benchmarking. The latest version of the script is located at my GitHub account.6
If you find a bug or something is not as good as it can be, please contact me.

Nonetheless, I for myself decided to blame GAT, because with his x264 Benchmark he forced me to use my Raspberry Pis for something other than doing what they normally do.

Thank you GAT!

If you want to know more, he has a blog, too.7

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